// the idea

'Improve today, Innovate for tomorrow'.

My motto as a freelancer. Just 5 words, which are - in many shapes and forms - in every business owner's head. What could these words mean for Your business? And how can I support You?

// Improve

Get the most out of Your current software solution. Optimize today's operational processes. Perfect Your existing flow of information. Find the areas where You can benefit the most and introduce improvements. - I'll gladly support You.

// Innovate

Think forward towards new solutions. Visualize. Create useful tools. Find the right technology. Pinpoint Your long-term needs, prepare for them and get a head start for the future. - I am more than willing to join in on inspiring, innovative projects.

// Improve or Innovate?

You have some great ideas? You have a vision, but don't know where to start? Improve Your current solution? Or perhaps it is better to go for something new? - Let me sort it out for You.

// About me

As a freelancer I aim to help You to get the most out of Your systems and processes. Regardless of Your choice of software, regardless of Your geographical location.

I'm not just providing abstract theory though! No-one needs a dry report to support the wobbly table. I am hands-on experienced with process improvements and product development. I advised several years on (customized) SAP® ERP solutions. From the drawing board till go-live. More about that in my expertise and projects.

If You're looking for motivated, independent support with Your business processes, implementation projects or future ICT choices, I'm looking forward to hearing from You.

- Berry Meijer